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Episode 266 - Jeff Alexander

April 21st, 2021

Jeff Alexander joins me to catch up and talk about the 'new normal', securing remote environments, update management, migrations and more. Jeff also shares some handy information about the Microsoft Fasttrack service and why everyone should take advantage of it. I also bring you up to date with what's happens in the Microsoft Cloud at the top of the show, so lean back, listen in and enjoy.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Jeff Alexander - @jeffa36, About Me, Linkedin

Benefits of Fasttrack

Cloud Management Gateway

Microsoft Secure Score

Azure AD Conditional Access

Microsoft Zero Trust

Windows 10 Cloud Configuration

Overview of Windows Autopilot

Microsoft adoption

Step-by-step threat protection in Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Announcing the iOS/iPadOS Security Configuration Framework 

OneDrive sync 64-bit for Windows now in public preview

Block BCC Messages to Distribution Groups in Exchange Online

Install Viva Connections today 

Get started with trials for Microsoft Viva Topics

New Security Signals study shows firmware attacks on the rise; here’s how Microsoft is working to help eliminate this entire class of threats

SharePoint: 20 years young

New threat and vulnerability management experiences in Microsoft 365 security

Email filtering reports

Launching threat analytics for Microsoft 365 Defender

Best practices for migrating to SharePoint and OneDrive

Episode 265 - Dr Neil Roodyn

March 28th, 2021

I'm joined by MVP Dr Neil Roodyn all about software development and why it's important to incorporate it into your business and you career. Dr Neil shares a wide variety of insights and suggestions around how you can start building your programming muscles.

I'll also cover off the latest Microsoft Cloud news after Ignite and get you right up to date. Listen and enjoy this episode.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Dr. Neil Roodyn

Recommended read - Code by Charles Petzoid

Linkedin Learning

Microsoft Learn

Stack Overflow


Microsoft Ignite

External Teams channels + more

Teams Webinars

The philosophy and practice of our hybrid workplace 

The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready? 

SharePoint's 20th birthday

What’s New in Microsoft Endpoint Manager - 2103 (March) Edition

Best practices for migrating to SharePoint and OneDrive

CIAOPS Best practices links on Github

New in Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Antivirus management and Universal Print 

Introducing Microsoft Whiteboard for Android and Whiteboard for Microsoft Teams channels and chat


Episode 264 - Adam Lang

February 28th, 2021

In this episode I have chat with Microsoft Partner ISV manager Adam Lang how partners can leverage software development with Microsoft to get applications out to businesses. News from the Microsoft Cloud is a little slow just prior to Microsoft Ignite. Stay tuned to upcoming episodes for all the latest news from that event.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Adam Lang -


Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Viva

The vision behind Viva: a new experience for employee engagement 

Start a conversation with your personal productivity assistant in Outlook with Cortana 

Turning the page on Solorigate and opening the next chapter for the security community 

Enhance productivity in Microsoft Teams with pop out apps and tabs

Preview Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s settings catalog to more easily customize and manage policy

Basic Authentication and Exchange Online – February 2021 Update

Email overrides are not best practice 

Microsoft 365 Mailbox capacities and sizes 

Episode 263 - Alex Fields

February 1st, 2021

Welcome to 2021. I'm back with another year of podcasts focused on the Microsoft Cloud. Hope every one had a good break and ready to get into it. We kick of 2021 talking to MVP Alex Fields about security for SMB. Plenty of great take aways, so listen in a learn. I kick things off with news and updates from Microsoft as well. A jam packed episode.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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@vanvfields - Alex Fields



Alex's publications

Center for Internet Security

What’s New in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Lists Adoption 

Microsoft Edge 88 Privacy and Security Updates 

Bringing OneDrive settings into SharePoint admin center for streamlined, centralized control

Get the Microsoft Lists app for iOS

250GB File support in Microsoft 365

Microsoft surpasses $10 billion in security business revenue, more than 40 percent year-over-year growth

Episode 262 - Daniel Chronlund

December 21st, 2020

Security is big this week and you'll get it all here. Our cloud news will provide you with all the latest information you'll need to understand the Solar Winds attack. in this episode we also speak with Daniel Chronlund around Conditional Access. Daniel shares his extensive knowledge around this service and how it can improve your security posture. He also has some great scripts available on his Github repository, so check them out! 

I take this opportunity to wish listeners happy holidays. Stay safe and thanks for all your support in 2020. Onwards to 2021 we go, hi ho, hi ho.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.



Daniel's blog

Daniel's GitHub


A moment of reckoning: the need for a strong and global cybersecurity response

Analyzing Solorigate, the compromised DLL file that started a sophisticated cyberattack, and how Microsoft Defender helps protect 

SolarWinds Post-Compromise Hunting with Azure Sentinel 

Ensuring customers are protected from Solorigate

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 investigation improvements coming soon 

A “quick wins” approach to securing Azure Active Directory and Office 365 and improving your security posture

4 ways Microsoft 365 is improving the experience for Mac users 

Sleeping Tabs in Microsoft Edge: Delivering better browser performance 

Guest Access in Yammer using Azure AD B2B is now in preview! 

Stay current with in-demand skills through free certification renewals

Microsoft Clarity | Free behavioral analytics product for website managers

CIAOPS Patron community


Episode 261 - Mark O’Shea

December 10th, 2020

I speak with a returning guest Mark O'Shea around the changes we've seen recently in Microsoft 365, especially around device management and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The whole device deployment and management landscape is changing fast. It all used to be about Intune but now the focus is really Endpoint Manager and Mark helps us understand the why's and what fors.

I've also got a swag of Microsoft Cloud news to share with you to bring up to date with the latest happenings.

As always, thanks for being a subscriber and don't hesitate to share what I do with others.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020




What's New with Microsoft 365 | November 2020 [VIDEO]

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | November 2020

Teams Breakout rooms go GA 

Microsoft Edge v.88: Deprecate support for FTP protocol

Microsoft Edge v.88: Adobe Flash support will be removed 

Microsoft Edge v.88: Alerts if your passwords are found in an online leak

Add to OneDrive is generally available

Introducing the SharePoint Success Site – Drive adoption and get the most out of SharePoint

Threat actor leverages coin miner techniques to stay under the radar – here’s how to spot them

New datacenters for Sweden, Denmark, and Chile

CIAOPS Patron community

Episode 260 - Brenton Johnson

November 23rd, 2020

We welcome back Brenton Johnson to speak about his success with Intune and how he's using it to manage devices for his customers. Brenton shares his journey as well as some handy best practices during our chat.

Of course, there is also all the Microsoft Cloud news to get through, so sit back and enjoy this bumper episode.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020




Uptake Digital

Power Apps Community plan

Meet the Microsoft Pluton processor – The security chip designed for the future of Windows PCs 

The Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) Ninja Training is Here! 

Extend data loss prevention to your devices with Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention, now generally available 

It's Time to Hang Up on Phone Transports for Authentication 

See how to easily keep tabs on your Azure Sentinel ingestion costs 

What’s new: Microsoft 365 Defender connector now in Public Preview for Azure Sentinel 

Microsoft's Cloud PC: Leak reveals new details on upcoming Azure-powered remote desktop

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | October 2020 

The definitive guide to Productivity Score 


Episode 259 - Baselines

November 16th, 2020

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020

FAQ 20


Use security baselines to configure Windows 10 devices in Intune

Preset security policies in EOP and Microsoft Defender for Office 365

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Episode 258 - David Bjurman-Birr

November 2nd, 2020

Apart from all the latest Microsoft Cloud news, I speak with David Bjurman-Birr who is a security architect, especially focused on the SMB space. David shares plenty of great tips when it comes to ensuring your Microsoft 365 tenant. Listen along to stay safe.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020


David Bjurman-Birr


CIAOPS Patron Community


The definitive guide to Productivity Score

Microsoft Teams reaches 115 million DAU—plus, a new daily collaboration minutes metric for Microsoft 365 

Darknet Diaries podcast

Security Unlocked podcast

Uncovering hidden risk podcast

Microsoft announces plans to establish its first cloud region in Austria to accelerate local innovation and growth

Microsoft to establish its first datacenter region in Taiwan

Microsoft's commercial cloud continues to hum with Azure sales up 48% in Q1

Plus Addressing Now Available in Exchange Online

NIST cybersecurity framework

Australian cybersecurity guidance for SMBs

Australian essential eight explained

Office 365 investigation tooling

Guide to implementing CIS Controls with Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Practical guide to securing remote work using Microsoft 365 Business Premium

SMB Tech community



Episode 257 - Windows Autopilot

October 26th, 2020

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020

FAQ 18


Modern Device Management - Part 7

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